Miracle In Time

Devine Mercy Experience 1995

Looking backwards, connecting the dots, the first major spiritual experience I had my
was at the Divine Mercy Chapel(photo above), at the national Shrine of Divine Mercy
in Stockbridge Massachusetts in 1995 Here’s what happened.
I was driving home on route 7 in Connecticut. I was on the way home from a Kripala
yoga retreat, I had been staying there for a week, eating vegetarian food and
practicing hot vanesa yoga for seven days. I lost 5 pounds I was in a amazing spiritual

When I was driving through Stockbridge Mass. on route seven, near the Red Lion
Inn, I noticed a very small sign on a post that said “Divine Mercy Shrine”. I almost
stopped, because I had started doing the Divine Mercy Chaplet in 1993 after seeing it
on television on EWTN.

I had also read the Diary of Saint Faustian, which is an autobiography written by
Faustian, a Polish nun, who was in constant communication with Jesus, and founded
the Divine Mercy devotion.

However I wound up deciding not to stop there because I felt good enough without
doing that, I said to myself , I’ll drive back some other day.

Seven miles later I stopped on route 7 to get some ice cream. I had to go the bathroom
there, and when I sat down, there was a Bible right next to me on the counter in the
bathroom, I opened randomly to a page and the phrase I read made me believe I
had to go back to the Shrine of Divine Mercy.

When I got back to the Divine Mercy Shrine sign, I drove up Eden Hill and entered
the beautiful National Chapel of Divine Mercy.

I stood there in awe, I felt the same way I did when I was seven years old when I
received my first communion. Standing there, my whole body began to feel
abnormally heavy, weighted, and grounded, any anxiety I had left in my body was
gone, I felt a peace that surpassed all understanding. I stood motionless as if glued to
the floor in the trance looking at Divine Mercy image above the alter.

I went to the Divine Mercy gift shop, picked up a set of rosary beads and the daily
Catholic Bible.

From that day on, each day till present time, I’ve been doing the chaplet of divine
mercy on rosary beads. These days I sing it when nobody can hear me.

According to Saint Faustina, Jesus told her, that anybody who prayed this chaplet
even once was guaranteed a personal audience before HIM at the time of their death.
I got one, a personal visit, before I died that is documented in the next chapter “Dark
Night of the Spirit.

This devotion didn’t stop anything bad from happening to me, including my
breakdown, but I’m pretty sure, if I wasn’t doing this devotion for 10 years before my
breakdown, I would probably have been dead instead of broken.

I never saw this as a miracle. Until several years after I got sober. These days
everything is a miracle in my eyes. My first breath every day is a miracle, Grass
growing is a miracle, and especially my sobriety is a miracle.

The next Witness I ‘ll discuss a very large personal miracle in the Holiday Inn in
downtown Waterbury which includes a private revelation from Jesus? You be the
judge after reading my Witness.

Dark Night of The Spirit 2004

This witness happened about two months before my near suicide attempt. My sister
was having some difficulties and came to live with me. We were both having
emotional difficulties, after the death of my nephew in the car accident.
We were staying in the Holiday Inn in downtown Waterbury. We had just gotten back
from Vero Beach Florida where we went to get some relief from our chaos.
My sister and my god-daughter had just joined me at the Holiday Inn in Waterbury,
after I picked them up from the airport. They stayed In Vero Beach longer than me.
We went to bed late. I was extremely tired, emotionally Dead. There was nothing left
of me. I wasn’t feeling well at all.
I was a restless and couldn’t get to sleep. I dozed off and woke back up again. I looked
out the hotel window, to my left, and saw a large illuminated cross. I now know that’s
the cross at the “Holy Land” in Waterbury but at the time I didn’t know this.
I looked over at my sister and my niece on the other bed. My two year old niece and
sister were asleep but hugging each other Close. Their position for some reason
reminded me of the Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus, protecting him from the
Then, I felt a strange spiritual presence in the room. I felt like somebody was
massaging me, but they were using my own hands, it felt better than it ever felt when
I massaged myself. I heard a very soft inner voice saying everything will be alright.
It scared me a little bit, so I got up in my jockey shorts, and walked over to look in the
large mirror on the dresser of the hotel room.
Instead of seeing myself, in human form, I saw myself in a glowing spiritual form. I
felt like I was in a trance, so I went into the bathroom to take a shower. For some
reason, instead of getting into the shower, I got into a yoga pose called tree in front of
the bathroom sink.
Then things got crazy, I perceived a strong inner voice. Similar to the voice I heard in
front of the Dali lamas picture at the Kripala Yoga Center. The voice said, “I am the
Alpha and the Omega.” I started laughing at the voice. Didn’t seem like the right thing
to do. I went into like a body spasm and words and thoughts, But not words and
thoughts, more like beams of light, and wind, started to go in and out of me.
Then I heard the voice again. It said are you willing to die for them? I started
weeping uncontrollably my whole body was trembling, I said you are God the father,
and you’re talking to me?
I got a hold of myself, and said “you mean die for my sister and niece.” The voice said no.
Then I went through a bunch of exercises, But not exercises and I heard. The line
between good and evil is so thin as to be invisible.
Then the voice said, “my mother is the key to your salvation, you will work with the
Betia, in the place between heaven and earth, to save souls.” (Years later I looked up
Betia discover its a Hebrew girls name meaning, “woman of God”)
Now I suddenly become aware of knocking at the bathroom door. I couldn’t answer
the door, I was in an extreme case of what I know now to be Ecstasy, in total awe, of
Suddenly, two paramedics entered the bathroom. I couldn’t respond to them verbally,
I was slayed in the spirit. They threatened to put a foley catheter in me if i didn’t
move. Without speaking I calmly laid down on their stretcher. They brought me
quietly to St. Mary’s hospital in the ambulance. I was plastered in the Spirit.
My sister talked to me. And I talked to her. I told her I never felt better. In fact, I
never felt more peace than I did laying there in the hallway on the stretcher in my
lifetime. I had full knowledge that my God loves me, and took time out, to make a
personal visit. Maybe as the result of 10 years of bible reading and reciting the Divine
Mercy Chaplet, Im thinking now.
I allowed to myself to sign myself into the psych unit, at the request of my sister.
I thought I was only in the bathroom in Waterbury for about two or three minutes,
she told me I was in there for two hours. That means for two hours, I was in an
extremely difficult yoga position called tree, which looks just like the position of
Christ on the cross. If your a yoga person, try getting in the position called tree, and
hold that position for two hours. On second thought, don’t even try!
I was extremely calm, as I entered the psych unit at St Marys Hospital, but as soon as
they closed the doors, I when into a total panic, a deep fear that I would lose this
feeling of ecstasy entered my body.
I jumped out of the wheel chair and squirmed around the floor like a snake trying to
escape from them. Screaming for Jesus. Finally they restrained me on the floor and
shot me up with Thorazine.
I woke up the next morning in four point restraints. I felt very calm. I looked to my
right and saw a very unhappy nurse with an angry look on her face, she had been
sitting there all night, she said.
I told her I was alright, she removed the restraints, and I walked around the unit,
wrapped in a white sheet only.
One of the nurses came up to me, while I was walking around slowly wrapped in this
white sheet, and ask me if I would like to receive ashes, as it was Ash Wednesday, and
a priest was standing at the entry door to the unit with ashes. This meant, that the
evening all this happened to me, was Shrove Tuesday 2004, the Feast of the Holy
Face of Jesus.
The psychiatrist came in to speak with me. I now have my full composure back. I
explain fully what happened the night before. And told him I was okay now, it was
just an amazing spiritual experience.
He looked at me and said, I wish we had a video tape of what you did last night. You
spent all night screaming and hollering for Jesus, even after we gave you the
medication. I knew through my EMS training, that thorazine could knock out a horse.
I said I don’t remember that but I fully believe it.
I spent the next three days convincing the psychiatrist to discharge me, which He did,
and as you have already read, about a month later I would be readmitted after my
near suicidal episode with the bottle of valium.
For many years in sobriety. I thought this witness was just insanity. But the future
events I will describe in this book proved to me, and hopefully will convince you, that
this was my first invitation from God, to share His wounds and life with me.
God will do anything, to get even one sinner back, physically, mentally and spiritually.
He wants all of us, body, mind, and spirit, to be fearless servants.

AA Miracle 2004

My AA Witness to St Helen’s Charismatic Prayer Group 2007
Something is wrong in the World.
There must be because here is how it affected me.:
I was a Church going frightened Catholic all my life. My life was mess with alcohol,
prescription drugs, etc…
I agreed with the death penalty for capital crimes; approved of Abortion, all in direct
defiance with God’s word.
I justified everything by thinking: “But all my friends did it”!,
I justified everything this way: as long as someone I loved was doing worse than me I was
ok. God would forgive me directly even without confession.
He was my little slave. Anything I wanted he gave me- I spoke to him directly, sometimes I
I was in pain for fifty-three years.
Living in sin and desolation.
Despair, Anxiety and depression were my days and nights.
TV was my God and my sedation.
Worldly things were my pleasure.
I had lost all joys in my life.
I had everything in the world but the world had taken me down! Good things I did with evil
hidden motives.
Finally, I was sitting on the floor in my kitchen, Me; God the Father ; Satin and a bottle of
prescription sedatives on my lap.
TV didn’t work anymore.
I had met Jesus in a Hotel bathroom 3 week prior but that just scared me more.
I was ready to end my life……Jesus came and dialed 911.
And that was the beginning of my new life with him but I still didn’t, know him. Before this
God the Father and the church was my perceived salvation. The father sent Jesus to save
me. Praise Jesus!
The spiritual war in the world cannot be fought alone. Evil, particularly Satin is too strong
for us. We need spiritual tools to help Christ protect us.
After Christ saved me I progress slowly towards spiritual healing of my damaged soul. I
repented of my sins, my drinking, my lust, my pride, sloth, He helped me every step of the
way, then in a year he took me to my fathers house in moodus Ct for more lessons.
I went to frequent masses and confessions, said rosaries, did the Chaplet of Divine Mercy
daily at three in commemoration of the hour of my me best friends crucifixion.
I purchased a daily bible at the National Shrine of Devine Mercy and read it every day for
the last year and a half.
I am saved and Christ has made certain that I have all the Dailey weapons necessary to
protect my new salvation.
I practice Dailey salvation with him. Here is how;
I wake up Praise his name and ask him to please keep me saved today “
Thy will not mine be done.
Help me to keep accept everything the Father places in my path and help as many as I can
keeping a positive attitude in Christ.
7AM Mass and rosary 9AM 1 Hour walk and meditation 11:30 Dailey Spiritual 12 Step
Program 3PM THE DEVINE MERCY CHAPLET – I Stop everything and take a moment to
thank him and venerate Him and thank Him for dyeing for me.
Evening Daily Bible Readings and a Gratitude List for the day entered into a personal
I don’t always get everything done but Christ is the Center of My Life.
He surrounds me with Friends of the same or similar type. I attend as many workshops and
retreats as possible.
I Volunteer for St Helens and I love my new life in Christ. My new found brother of three
Years. Life is GOOD if I walk with him.
Here is my bag of weapons:
The Catholic Daily Bible
Daily Rosary
Daily Mass
Hail Holy Queen
Devine Mercy Chaplet (rosary Beads)
I Live one day at a time.


At one of my many trips to My Fathers House in Moodus Connecticut I met Bob Ohlson and
his wife.
They were great people and had a lot of training in spiritual warfare.
Some of it through Neal Lazanos , heart of the father unbound ministries.After hearing my
stories about some of my miracles and locutions they strongly advise me to take an eight
week life in the spirit course so I could developed better powers of discernment of spirits.
They told me the next course was in New Haven.
I trusted them and signed up.
It was an eight week course based on scripture and designed at the end to re-baptize the
attendee in the Holy Spirit .
The course leaders prayed over people at the end and requested The seven gifts of the Spirit
be activated in the attendees.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course but wasn’t sure if anything would really happened to me
after it.
One day weeks later I was at my friends house in Stamford and my 5 year old goddaughter
Michele and their grandson Christopher were wrestling .
I was afraid they would hurt one another.when I went to holler something at them in English
loud words came out in a language I didn’t know instead.
Both 5 year olds froze in action immediately and looked at me with such bright wide eyes
I thought they would pop out. They never stopped doing anything that quickly when asked
It was like they and all time had frozen instantly for seconds all reference to time was
suspended by some force we didn’t understand.
Finally they broke the silence by laughing and shouting in unison with great awe. “do it
again uncle Joe ”
I too being in shock replied.
“I can’t I don’t even know what I just said”.
They laughed hysterically and resumed wrestling and I stood still trying to figure out who or
what had just happened to us.
Was I going insane, then it hit me. I had just received the gift of tongues as promised by the
life in the spirit instructors at saint Brenden’s in New Haven .
I called bob Olson in awe and he said just accept the gift and keep practicing.
I said practice what this is just like my poems I don’t have a clue of how to do it again. He
said just babble like a baby and the spirit will come alive in you and speak again through you.
You will have nothing to do with it. It’s total surrender to the spirit.
I saw him again at a retreat and he asked me how it felt to speak in tongues I said it’s like a
dose of joyful exhaustion, like the endorphin feeling I felt in 1995 after running a marathon.
He agreed.
What a great feeling you get when you surrender your all to god and his spirit starts
speaking back to god in words that come from your heart that you don’t even understand.
Unless you have the gift of translations of tongue , which I don’t. YET


In 2007 my next major God moment occurred. I moved to Vero Beach Florida thinking I
would retire there on my pension alone. The tremendous change gave me an emotional
relapse to overcome. My sobriety was very unstable. I went to a lot of meetings and was then
on a “pink cloud”.
I prayed for a woman in my life and the next day Rita showed up in St Helens church in the
pew behind me. We became great friends. We rode around Vero Beach in her Red
Convertable with the top down. I got back on the spiritual beam. She was in same 8 week the
Life in The Spirit Program I had taken at St Brenden’s in New Haven for 8 weeks a year ago.
We hit it off great. She had many miracles in her life like me. That was a miracle in itself, but
not as large as the one ill share now.
I was at a 12 step meeting in Vero Beach and a man sat down beside me with some poetry he
used to read at nursing homes as service work. I look at the poems and for some strange
reason I asked God if I could write poetry.
The phrase “Be careful what you pray for” took a new meaning for me, within seconds I
heard thoughts that I knew were not mine. So I grabbed a date book I had in my pocket( I
still have it saved as precious) and wrote down the words that seemed to come a line at a
time; as fast as I could write these two stanzas flew out:
Through the ancient dessert trounced the silent winds of time.
Decades screaming for the light.
Caressing dreams of wandering souls.
Voices whispering in the sands of weathered beaches,
on the shorelines of mankind.
Passionate trails of blighted past.
Leading to the endless light.
Frightened not the faithful servants.
Choosing good, instead of evil.
The fight is never all for naught.
Cry Oneness to the Lord.
Unity WILL overcome.
I was struck in awe. I didn’t even know what these verses meant, let alone what naught
meant, or that sands in beaches had voices.
I drove people crazy as I was in the rooms asking them what this was and if it was a poem.
I never wrote anything other than technical instructions and EMS course outlines prior to
this event. Poetry was all greek to me. But I thought this is amazing how fast God answers
prayers. I prayed for a woman friend and got one the day after; I asked if I could write
poetry and 2 seconds later I write – a poem?
All this started to scare me, so I went to St John of the Cross Church and asked the priest
what this thing I wrote was, as I didn’t believe anyone who said this was a poem .
So this became my first meeting with Father John Jude. He read my writing and quickly told
me. It’s not a poem Joe, its a locution, a message from God’s spirit, it comes from your
heart not your mind and your locution is about man’s Salvation, and I want to tell you
something else: Today at our church, in the Hall Ralph Martin is here from EWTN giving a
talk on his new book, The “Fulfillment of all our desires”, his book coincidently is on the
same topic as your locution, Salvation. There is a charge for this program but you can
attend for free on me.
Well there you have it. miracle of Poetry and Locutions. Even though I was horrible in
writing in high school that I barely graduated from and Firefighters aren’t likely to write
Poetry, Here I am a Poet receiving messages from God’s spirit.


This was the first of two miracles I experienced involving God using photographs to prove
that; Him, His Mother and his army of saints were real. First just t to review what He had
done to convert men already.

1 He gave me my first locution in Lenox mass at the Kripala Yoga center by speaking to me
through the Dali Lama’s picture.

2 He made a very scary personal appearance for me at the Holiday Inn in Waterbury Ct
where He introduced Himself as the Alpha and the Omega and told me his Mother was the
key to my salvation.

3 He saved me from killing myself with a bottle of Valium getting me to dial 211.

4 He gave me all the pain I needed to get into AA. Saving my Life and my mind.

5 Through Bob Olsen he got me to take the Life in the Spirit program

6 He’s gave me the woman I prayed for.

7 He gave me the gift of Locutions and Poetry

And he wasn’t finished yet. Within a month I had six or seven new poems including
“Communion with a friend” which was a locution that came out of me as a song while I was
working at Miracle Mile as a security guard. I sang it out loud uncontrollable after telling
Him the poems I was writing were scaring me. Here is what I sang spontaneously.

“Communion with a Friend”

One sip of wine.
One bread in our time.
One hope for mankind.
Who do you go to when dark days are near?
Now that the word of your day is fear.
Remember my mercy is ALWAYS near.
Revealed long ago by the spirit of Love.
The Lamb is alive and dancing a waltz, as the era of mercy follows His cross.
So wake up, and listen my kind hearted friends,
Mercy yields forgiveness but judgements offend.
So just stay with Him in your sacred place.
Just pray for mercy and receive His grace.
For His heart is as soft, as the breath of an angel.
He whispers His message in the still of His might.
Come and receive Him in the presence of light.
Come love your Jesus.
Come give up your Fight.

Why? Because, I guess whatever you tell him your afraid of he’ll get you over it, by giving it
to you until the fear is replace by faith. Thats what I Think now.

But while in Vero Beach I frequently went to the barefoot cafe. The couple there were very
spiritual. I asked them why all these thing were happening to me and I believe God spoke
this through them. “ Because Joe Your Name Should be Thomas, He’s showing you His
wound’s, because He will do anything to save a poor sinner”.

Well That’s true in my mind now. Thats a little reminder of what already happened now,
on to the My Miracle in San Diego while I was serving with the National Red Cross disaster
response team, RNT division at Red Cross Headquarters.

After serving for three weeks at the wild fires in 2007, the RNT division got together for
farewell dinner at The Popes Place restaurant in San Diego City. I was walking around the
restaurant looking at all the religious photos on the wall before I returned to the rental car
that was packed, locked and loaded for the airport in the AM.

I was very strongly drawn to one of the photos on the wall of a beautiful young lady with a
welcoming smile. It was almost as if the picture was alive and calling me. Just another
crazy mystical experience, I said to myself. When I got into to my car to leave there was a
long stemmed Rose on the front counsel between the seats, I said thats odd I thought I
locked the car, one of my friends must be playing a joke on me. I went about my business
and flew home to my place in Vero.

My friend Rita met me on the condo balcony. I was so curious about the photo at the
Popes Place, and I knew she knew a lot more about Saints than me, I showed her a picture
I took of the photo on the wall that attracted me.

She said very enthusiastically. That’s Saint Theresa, the little flower. You didn’t happen to
get any Roses out there, did you? St Theresa showers people on earth with Roses.

Not really believing dead Saints can do anything at this phase of my recovery, I went to an
AA meeting and told the first man I saw what happened to me and how unbelievably crazy
it sounded, and how I was concerned about Rita’s mental health. He quickly responded to
me: “Oh, Saint Theresa got you too!”

After my heart almost fluttered out of my chest I NOW started to believe in dead saints
serving people on earth. Especially my favorite St Theresa of the Child Jesus and the Holy
Face AKA the “Little Mama” , the big mama would be Mother Mary, and neither one of
them were finished with poor little scared Joe, yet. On now to the Holy Face Miracle.

A fitting End

A fitting End for now. More will be revealed.

More poems and locutions, and miracles will be added to my Website as they happen. Go
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God’s Mercy IS alive, well, and working through His people NOW.

Thanks for reading my writings and witnesses.


Don’t quit before YOUR Miracle(s) Happen.

Bye for now, your Brother Joe A. and My dog “Mercy”- Assistant poet who I picked up on

Devine Mercy Sunday 2012.